Amazing story of Pappu Khan and his wife

Amazing story of Pappu Khan and his wife Guddi

Client:Pappu Khan
Place:Hathras, U.P
Product:Microfinance Loan

This is an amazing story of Pappu Khan and his wife Guddi who live in Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh. Pappu Khan (who’s family includes his wife, three sons and a daughter) was earning from a rented stall (Dhakel) and was struggling for a livelihood. He was earning Rs.2,000 – Rs.3,000 per month and expending lots of money on food and medicine due to which he could not grow and expand his business.One day a Relationship Officer of Capital Trust conducted a survey near his village.He also met Pappu Khan and his wife Guddi. They discussed about the loan procedure of the company. Pappufelt happy after hearing this as he found hope and decided to take this opportunity immediately.


After a few days, he visited the CTL branch at Hathras and decided to take a loan from the company. After completing all the documentation and adopting the set procedure, he took a loan of Rs. 16,000 from CTL. The loan was sanctioned in March 22, 2012. After getting the loan amount, he decided to start his own stall (Dhakel) business. In this way, he started earning profit of Rs. 4,000- Rs. 5,000 monthly. After succeeding in his business, he decided to go further to expand his business area. So, after completing 46 installments on time, he again visited the branch and applied for renewal loan of Rs. 20,000. The loan was sanctioned on February 14, 2013. He started earning well with his Dhakel and he opened a Barber Shop with his elder son Aarif Khan. After a few months, his elder son got married and his second son Sharif Khan started working in AnajMandi (GallaMandi) as a contractor. The family was having a good life and all the loan repayments were made on time. Riding high on confidence, they decided to go for higher loan amount of Rs. 1,20,000 from Capital Trust under SEL category. With this amount, he opened one General Store with his younger son named Ishaq Khan.


Presently, Pappu Khan is running 3 Shops (Dhakel, Barber Shop, General Store) with the help of his sons and his personal income is approx. Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 and the family income Rs. 1,20,000 per month. With his hard work and dedication and hand holding of Capital Trust from time to time, Pappu Khan is leading a good life.