Pioneer in Cashless Products 

  • First Rural NBFC with Cashless Disbursement in 2015
  • First Rural NBFC with Cashless Collection in 2018
  • First Rural NBFC with Fully Cashless Product in 2018


  • Credit Check on QR Code Scanning
  • Physical Analysis of Cash Flow By Field Staff
  • Credit Engine with Client Scoring
  • Automated Risk Assessment
  • Alternative Data Analysis
  • Automated Income Analysis
  • Industry Specific Credit Norms


  • Client Facing Mobile Application
  • Digital Receipt on Collection
  • Real Time Collection Update
  • Geo-Fencing (client, staff, sourcing, collection)
  • Automated Client Calling Mobile Application
  • Capital Mart
  • Cloud Backup


  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Staff Engine
  • Branch Engine
  • Disbursement Engine
  • Real Time Collection Visit Analysis
  • Advanced Business Intelligence


Capital Trust supplants automated credit analysis with physical cash flow analysis of every potential client’s business before sanctioning of any loan. A number of financial and non-financial parameters are used to help the company asses the willingness and ability of the client to pay.

Code Scanning of Aadhaar By Field Team QR

Automatic uploading of client data into system. Location geo-tagged and case rejected if client residence is beyond 25kms from branch

Automated Credit Bureau Check

Link-up with Equifax to review past credit history. Hard rejection in case of negative credit bureau history

Algorithmic Credit Rule Engine

Automatic rejection in case of any deviation from prescribed credit policies. System provides in-principal approval at this stage

Physical Verification by Field Credit Team

Ground level authentication by physical verification of home, business and income. All details uploaded into app

Telephonic Verification by HO Credit Team

Verification of documents uploaded into system and re-assessment of cash flow of client during call


No exceptions or manual intervention permitted


Capital Trust uses state of art technology to ensure the client has a seamless experience and the staff has all the information he could want with the push of a fingertip. The company’s IT platform has created a secure and robust system that increases operational efficiency and reduces operational cost.

Cashless Disbursement & Collection

One of the first NBFCs to start cashless disbursement of all since 2015. Also started process of cashless repayment for all loans (expect Microfinance) in 2019

Automation of Daily Cash Book Through Digital Receipts

Automated closing of company and all branch books at 6PM daily through collation of issued Digital Receipts (SMSs sent to client on collection of any repayment)

Capital Connect

Client application with access to all details regarding the loan to promote transparency and authenticity

Staff Empowered with Company App

All staff have access to Capital Sales, the company application, that provides real-time information in even the most remote locations. All warehousing of information on cloud

Automated Client On- Boarding Through App

Smart credit enabling client on-boarding and in-principle approval from scanning of client’s Aadhar card at his doorstep. No manual entry allowed for any clients


Capital Trust uses big data analysis and has successfully developed an analytics model that helps the company understand client creditworthiness before sanctioning of a loan. Having created a unique credit decisioning engine with great data analytics, Capital Trust spearheads technological advancements in rural lending.

Credit Engine

Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in an automate self learning credit decision making models that covers latest parameters on client demographic,financial condition and environmental factors

Portfolio Risk Monitoring Engine

Early warning signals to real time delinquency trends in actual portfolio and factors that can have potential portfolio impact

Staff Engine

An integrated tool for real time monitoring of  current staff availability and projected staff sufficiency at branch level

Disbursement Engine

Automated evaluation of branch level parameters to avoid risk build up in branches by moderating disbursements