Our Methodology


Capital Trust uses state of art technology to ensure the client has a seamless experience and the staff has all the information he could want with the push of a fingertip. The company’s IT platform has created a secure and robust system that increases operational efficiency and reduces operational cost

  • Client Facing Mobile Application
  • Staff Facing Mobile Application
  • Geo-Fencing (client, staff, sourcing, collection)
  • Digital Receipt on Collection
  • Real Time Collection Update
  • Cloud Backup

Hybrid Dual Credit

Capital Trust supplants automated credit analysis with physical cash flow analysis of every potential client’s business before sanctioning of any loan. A number of financial and non-financial parameters are used to help the company asses the willingness and ability of the client to pay.

  • Credit Bureau Check on QR Code Scanning
  • Physical Verification by Field Staff and Credit Officer
  • Credit Engine with Client Scoring
  • Automated Risk Assessment
  • Automated Income Analysis
  • Industry Specific Credit Norms

Business Intelligence

Capital Trust uses big data analysis and has successfully developed an analytics model that helps the company understand client creditworthiness before sanctioning of a loan. Having created a unique credit decisioning engine with great data analytics, Capital Trust spearheads technological advancements in rural lending.

  • Credit Engine Based Scoring
  • Staff Engine To Predict Shortfall
  • Disbursement Engine for Risk Control
  • Portfolio Risk Monitoring Engine
  • Industrywide Analysis for Income Verification
  • Real Time Collection Visit Analysis