1.New to Organized Credit

Replacing traditional informal sources of financing (local moneylenders) which currently account for 84% of all financing to MSMEs

2.Underserved by Banks

Clients who are backbone of our economy but not getting credit from Banks / large NBFCs (lack of formal income documentation

3.Graduated from Microfinance

8% of the Microfinance clients graduate from the Microfinance sector each year and hit a wall

4.‘Micro’ of the MSME

Clients who cannot be served by Microfinance institutions (owing to RBI guidelines)



With the firm belief that the population at the bottom of the economic pyramid cannot simply be served by new-age fintech, Capital Trust operates in 10 STATES, 61 DISTRICTS through 251 BRANCHES 




Capital Trust Limited PIONEERS THE DIGITALIZATION OF THE RURAL FINANCING MODEL.While maintaining the robustness of a decade-old disciplined lending model, Capital Trust supplements it with advanced technologies to create a one-of-a-kind business that finds the perfect balance between technology and traditional banking.Having provided MORE THAN 8LACK LOANS TO RURAL INDIA SINCE INCORPORATION , Capital Trust believes it has reached the perfect products to help finance the unbanked.


In 2008, Capital Trust Limited entered into the business of micro finance. The company had an experience of a small ticket (via asset back finance) from its retail financing, like two wheelers, consumer durables, office equipment etc. Starting with Delhi, CTL continued to expand its operations in other geographies. The entire micro finance industry went through a major turmoil in 2010. While CTL was not impacted by this turmoil, since then the company has focused on lending to Micro and Small Enterprises (MSME). We provide a 2 year product to our clients where we charge them 25.19% interest with effect from 1st Jan, 2020 and a 1% processing fee.


94% of the 28.5 million enterprises in India are not served by either the banking industry or MFIs. Credit requirements are too small for banks and too large for MFIs, causing a credit gap for micro and small enterprises at 73% of total demand. Capital Trust Limited aims to empower this MISSING MIDDLE by providing them with the necessary working capital, thereby, helping them scale up and enter the mainstream of finance.

The rate of interest ranges from 28% to 45%. The rate of interest is based on cost of fund, operational cost and risk involved.

The company has now introduced new products

Unsecured Business Loan: Rate of interest 30%-34%

Unsecured Personal Loan: Rate of interest 42%-45%




Pappu Khan :

This is an amazing story of Pappu Khan and his wife Guddi who live in Hathras District of Uttar Pradesh. Pappu Khan who started his journey with his wife, three sons and one daughter in a small half built house, was earning from a rented stall (Dhakel) and was struggling for a livelihood. He was earning approx. Rs.2,000 – Rs.3,000 per month and expending lots of money on food and medicine due to which he could not grow and expand his business.

One day Centre Manager of Capital Trust visited and surveyed near his home. He also met Pappu Khan and his wife Guddi. They discussed about the loan procedure of the company. Pappu was feeling so happy after hearing this. He found hope and decided to take this opportunity immediately. After a few days, he visited the CTL branch at Hathras and decided to take loan from the company. After completing all the documentation and adopting the set procedure, he took a loan of Rs. 16,000 from CTL. The loan was sanctioned on March 22, 2012. After getting the loan amount, he decided to start his own stall (Dhakel) business. In this way, he started earning profit of Rs. 4,000- Rs. 5,000 monthly. After succeeding in his business, he decided to go further to expand his business area. So, after completing 46 installments on time, he again visited the branch and applied for renewal loan of Rs. 20,000. The loan was sanctioned on February 14, 2013. He started earning well with his Dhakel and he opened a Barber Shop with his elder son Aarif Khan. They started running their business with full of energy to get maximum profit. After few months, his elder son got married and his second son name Sharif Khan started working in Anaj Mandi (Galla Mandi) as a contractor. The family was having a good life and all the loan repayments were made on time. Riding high on confidence, they decided to go for higher loan amount of Rs. 1,20,000 from Capital Trust under SEL category. With this amount, he opened one General Store with his younger son named Ishaq Khan. Presently, Pappu Khan is running 3 Shops (Dhakel, Barber Shop, General Store) with the help of his sons and his personal income is approx. Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 and the family income Rs. 1,20,000 per month. With his hardwork and dedication and hand holding of Capital Trust from time to time, Pappu Khan is leading a good life.

Mukesh Kumar :

This story is of Mukesh Kumar and his wife Rukmani from Aligarh, who with their dedication and hard work have made a mark in the society. It is said that for a successful person, self-confidence is a must which Mukesh and Rukmani had. The only issue was that they did not have access to money and the right guidance. In that process, they met the Centre Manager of Capital Trust Limited and informed that they were having a small business of Cosmetics which they wanted to expand. The Centre Manager informed them about the loan procedure and the terms and conditions. After their consent, they became a part of a group and were given a loan of Rs. 10,000. The money was used by them in their cosmetics business and the business started to grow. They returned the loan taken within a time limit of one year. This boosted their confidence. After one year, they came to the CTL district office and showed their intention to take a loan of Rs. 14,000. The Company, based on their previous loan track record sanctioned the loan on 24.12.2010. By investing this money in their Cosmetics business, the business, started to grow very fast. They repaid the loan taken from CTL along with interest easily. After the expansion of the business, they again approached CTL for new loan of Rs. 15,000. With this money, they started the business of lighting along with cosmetics. The business grew and they were gradually climbing the steps of growth. After that, they did not look back. They repaid the installments on time and CTL helped them whenever they needed additional capital. In December 2012, they took a loan of ` Rs. 20,000 from CTL and started the DJ work also along with lighting. After that they opened a Beauty Parlour with the borrowed money from CTL. After paying 10 installments for their loan of Rs. 1,00,000, they have enhanced their loan amount to Rs. 2,50,000 and invested the same into their business. Today, Mukesh Kumar and Rukmani are living a successful life. It is all due to their hard work and commitment and faith of Capital Trust Limited.