Rural Doorstep-Fintech

Financing with a Tech-Touch Balance

When catering to the rural population in Tier 3,4,5 cities, Capital Trust believes that neither only fintech nor only brick-and-mortar financing is the answer. It has to be the perfect mix of both.


Through its unique amalgamation of the “new” and the “old” Capital Trust is able to provide proprietary fintech with doorstep client servicing. The company relies on big data analysis through machine learning and artificial intelligence but entrusts its 2,000 employees to physically collect cash in times of non-clearance of NACH.

Client Servicing


  • Digital on-boarding through QR scan and bureau check
  • Algorithmic disbursement and credit rule engine
  • Use of disbursement and credit engine
  • Digital receipt on repayment
  • Client facing mobile application


  • Direct sourcing, Feet-on-street
  • Physical cash flow verification
  • Cash Collection on Non-Clearance of NACH
  • Brick and mortar approach